Neluns New Generation Financial Ecosystem


Neluns is the innovative financial ecosystem, combining within itself a bank that can work with fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company, creating the best conditions for the quality development of the cryptocurrency market, inflow of new participants and capital.


The Neluns system consists of these elements:

Neluns Bank is the implementation of the bank's function tomorrow that easily handles fiat and cryptocurrency
Exchange Neluns are modules that are developed using the latest technology to improve the security and speed of the cryptocurrency trading operations process
Insurance elements part of the system can be used to ensure all or part of a user's transaction in the ecosystem



Debit and credit Visa, Mastercard, American express cards.
Deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat.
P2P Lending platform
Mobile application for iOS and Android.

NELUNS Exchange

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in two clicks, exchange crypto for fiat.
"Bank guarantee" principle. Easy fund withdrawals, highest transaction speeds.

  • Protection from cyberattacks
  • Full functionality during peak loads

Effective user support services API's and familiar exchange through trading on software such as Fusion, TAKION, MetaTrader, Metastock, ROX, and others.

Neluns Insurance Company 
obtaining U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission license and ensures all trade and transactions carried out in the system are secured.

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In January 2019 our licensed Neluns Bank will provide to our users 4 types of bank cards.
Neluns Bank offers product lines for retail and corporate clients. Banks are as easy as handling transactions in fiat and cryptocurrency. The concept of a multicurrency account allows users to execute transactions in either traditional currencies (such as dollars or euros) or cryptocurrency. You can link the bank card to a multicurrency account.
ICO Highlights
Token Neluns (NLS) are ERC20 tokens. NLS is a security token registered with the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission). It has a 50% dividend payment based on the ecosystem benefits of Neluns.
Dividends are paid every three months.
The formula for dividend payment depends on the number of tokens held and the total number of tokens in circulation.
There are advantages for those who hold NLS tokens and use Neluns ecosystem products. The advantage depends on the number of tokens owned. The greater the amount of profits, the more tempting.
Token supply is 200M NLS
The token price is 1 USD
Hard Cap - $ 2,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 500,000
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What is the NLS token?
The NLS token is a security token, profits of the Neluns ecosystem are quarterly distributed to NLS token holders in proportion to the quantity of tokens held. NLS token holders will receive 50% profits
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