ATOMIC WALLET - Multi Currency Wallet With Decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange

Atomic Wallet provides a powerful on-demand service that enables users to reduce the effort spent on managing crypto-currency assets and makes it transparent and reliable. To make the platform even more convenient and useful for users, the Atomic Wallet team uses the best user interfaces and security methods, which makes it easy to use the functionality of the Atomic Wallet platform in its entirety.
What is Atomic Wallet and how it works
Atomic is a decentralized multi-advanced money wallet available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Atomic Wallet group utilizes the best UIs and security techniques, which makes it simple to utilize the usefulness of the Atomic Wallet stage completely. The wallet uses BitTorrent advancement for circled orchestrate book and Atomic swap development for cross-chain lighthearted exchange. Atomic wallet in like manner incorporates minute exchange choices - Changelly and ShapeShift.
Atomic Swap features:
●Distributed, square based asking with Quick and secure data trade with Atomic Distributed Order Book 
●Atomic Distributed Order Book is protected from spam and blackmail 
●The most decreased trade costs: for example, each side pays 0.0002 BTC and 0.0001 LTC for exchanging BTC-LTC for any number of coins 
●Request is a recommendation, not a responsibility 
●Request position does not square customer holds 
●Request can be executed with a couple of trades 
●Disconnected agents can not trade 
●Execution is administered physically 
●The applicant can reject the executions.
Token Details
Name - Atomic
Decimal - 8
Full name - Atomic Wallet Coin
Price - 0.30
Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC
Platform: - Ethereum ( ERC20 )
Payment: ETH
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 23,000,000 USD
Quantity: 15,000,000 AWC
Budget Allocation
So this is all for this article I hope you guys find good ico details through me if you have any questions do not forget to visit their social media or team link is below go ask any questions about atomic I'm sure they will solve your problem and give you reply asap.
Erc20: 0x60Ec36992b42dEa2229DE81449b5AFBAC7842C91


  1. Check this before using Atomic Wallet, Changelly, ChangeNOW or Guarda


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