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Hey Guys I'm back with another awesome project in this article we will know about this project so before wasting your precious time let's get started. What is ServAdvisor? ServAdvisor is an innovative approach that uses technology and provides a direct connection between retailers, service providers, and users. ServAdvisor ADA in Lingan Revolutionary Front, enhancing customer behavior WITH see AR (Augmented Reality), (Artificial Intelligence) AI, contributing to the new Platform review. ServAdvisor is a consumer marketing and interaction platform that allows participating brands to encourage consumers to check their information through the App. This becomes a sustainable mechanism for retail service providers to maintain customer loyalty, providing rich advertising and product information to influence purchasing decisions right at the time. Point users really stand at the door. ICO Details. * DETAILS TOKEN SALE * Sale Category: Retail & Trade, Platforms & Ecosystems. Co

COOPEX - The Cooperative Exchange

Hello everyone, Today I am back with another good and solid project that the cryptocurrency market has ever known. With the emergence of new altcoins in the ICOs format, As We Know many scam projects are skyrocketing by placing genuine and confident designers and innovators of charming and promising projects in the difficult approach. So without wasting Our Times let's get started. What Is COOPEX ? COOPEX is the first cooperative exchange in the world. What does that mean? Basically it means that COOPEX gives back 75% of the negotiation fees earned to the fans of the project. COOPEX intends to solve some cases in the current state of exchange in an improper cryptocurrency space, and is actually detrimental to the industry's worst expansion. At this moment they are executing an ICO for their exchange. COOP Token The Cooperative Exchange Token (COOP) is the COOPEX ​platform token. Every month, 75% of COOPEX ​trading fees will be collected and used to buy back the COOP token and b

RedCab - Decentrlized Transportation Solution

What Is RedCab? The RedCab project, one of my favorite projects that will provide low cost and easy access to my current article. Let's talk briefly about the project superficially at the introduction. Drivers and passengers using the RedCab platform communicate with each other via the RedCab application and have the opportunity to travel together in the direction of the route the driver will go. It takes a comfortable, quick and easy journey by reducing the costs on both sides. As I mentioned at the introduction of the RedCab project, it is a blockchain-based centerless system that brings together drivers and passengers under a platform. The passengers communicate with the drivers on the route they want to go and make their journey together. For this journey, REDC pays drivers with tokens. Drivers will receive all of the fees paid in a seamless manner. The RedCab project does not receive commissions on both sides and earns revenue from advertisements and promotions on the platform

Umka Decentralized Blockchain Labor Market

What Is UMKA? Hey Guys First We Know What UMKA Is. UMKA is a decentralized, blockchain-based labor market with efficient project implementations and a wide variety of useful tools integrated into its system. UMKA provides a platform where users can find competent specialists, reliable customers, and online courses from leading educational institutions. Umka platform is conducting an Initial Coin Offering in order to support marketing and development of the Umka project. The ICO will issue the ERC20 UMK token on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors can purchase the UMK tokens, which will guarantee participation during the distribution of the platform’s revenue. A token holder’s balance will be displayed in their user wallet. Token holders will receive rewards based on the amount of tokens they have. Total Supply: Token Symbol: UMK Token Sale Starts: 1 June 2018 Total Supply: 180 million Token Standard: ERC20 The token will not use mining as computing process, inst

Sgame - New Era Of Mobile Game Experience

Sgame is the first mobile game aggregator that has been built in blockchain, giving users the freedom to mine a crypto token easily by playing the most popular game in the world. One of the biggest announcements made by the company is the partnership they made with Pewdiepie, the most successful YouTube star in the world. As we know Playing online games is one of the most popular hobbies, not just for young people. The online gaming industry, with huge investments in virtual and augmented reality and increasing availability of downloadable content, has kept players hooked. According to Nielsen, the percentage of players in the general population aged 13 and over was nearly 64% in 2016. Thus, when gambling is so popular, it is natural to find ways to make money. . Fortunately, there are some interesting choices available. If you really want to get involved in a video game-based platform, you can join them on Telegram and download and read all the whitepapers on the company's

Blockonomics - ICO Review

Blockonomics - ICO REVIEW Blockonomics is the industry's leading payment processing system for merchants hosting bitcoyne. The goal of Blockonomics is to provide users with truly decentralized, reliable and secure, completely trouble-free, straightforward payment solutions for BTC purses. Blockonomics is a decentralized solution for bitcoins, where platform services improve the functionality of wallets that you already have. The goal of the platform is to continue to allow users to directly take bitcoyne, whether it's billing, receiving donations or running an e-commerce store. Blockonomics is a solution that provides specialized transaction tools that improve the use of BTC. The payment allows you to easily accept BTC payments in your WHMCS installation. There are no security risks; payments go directly to your own BTC-wallet. The full verification process takes place on the Blockonomics website. All major purses HD, as well as all major currencies are supported. The API key i