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Helios - World's First Mining Autonomous Solution Focusing on Alternative Energy Sources

What is Helios ? Helios is the world's first autonomous mining solution focused on alternative energy sources. Helios Mining Ltd. is looking for investors to promote its innovative alternative energy project with solar modules that is already revolutionizing the crypto-currency mining system in an optimal and economical way. What is Cryptocurrency Mining? Cryptocurrency mining is the necessary computing activity to process the transactions that are executed in the various existing blockchains. This, to keep the record of exchanges updated, secure and free of unwanted information for the accounting of any of these systems. Includes other aspects, such as For example, finding the hash that makes up a block, that is, uncovering the cryptographic key that solves the mathematical equation of a cryptocurrency. This requires millions of operations, things that ordinary computers can not do if they did in the beginning. There is a complexity factor that increases with the amount of mined c

ORBIS - Friendly Financial Banking Platform

What is Orbis Platform? Orbis is the wireless network and a sophisticated technology which may bring the big dream related to the futuristic financial payments and transfers. This technology will be a bright solution for you for accessible and easy transfer, payment, and investment services. Do you want to know more about Orbis? Read this further explanation. Orbis in General Orbis in General Orbis develops Bluetooth technology to support mesh networking. Not only that, this mesh networking is also supported by the global standard and secure wireless connectivity. This new mesh networking can enable many to many communications. It is also can optimize creating large-scale device networks. Some of individual consumers and developers may be interested in this beneficial market. That is why Orbis platform has a purpose of establishing a platform especially for consumer and commercial developments in Bluetooth mesh. Orbis has three components which can be used: Orbistore, OrbisWeb, and Orb

OutOfTheCloud Revolutionizing File And Data Sharing Through Blockchain Technology

Image is the next generation in file sharing solutions that offers a dynamic presentation and instant delivery platform for its users. With a simple 2 step process, the user is able to upload and submit all of their desired video, audio, document and image files. In doing so a professionally displayed secured web page presentation showcasing all of the files selected is created. A link to this secured web page presentation is then sent to any number of desired recipients who have instant access to view, play, or listen to all files included with no downloads required. Premium users may even take advantage of several custom branding options that make these presentations look like part of their personal or company website. offers its users many of the benefits of cloud computing with none of the risks involved with the cloud. Instead of requiring access to all of your computer files as is found in cloud computing based solutions allows you,

Atomic Wallet - The Multi Currency Wallet With Decentralized Exchange

What is Atomic Wallet? Atomic Wallet provides a powerful on-demand service that enables users to reduce the effort spent on managing crypto-currency assets and makes it transparent and reliable.  To make the platform even more convenient and useful for users, the Atomic Wallet team uses the best user interfaces and security methods, which makes it easy to use the functionality of the Atomic Wallet platform in its entirety.  The main functions of Atomic Swap are:  - Peer-to-peer, block-based ordering  - Fast and secure data transfer with Atomic Distributed Order Book  - Atomic Distributed Order Book is protected from spam and fraud - The lowest transaction fees: for example, each side pays 0.0002 BTC and 0.0001 LTC for exchanging BTC-LTC for any number of coins  - Order is a proposal, not an obligation  - Order placement does not block customer funds  - Order can be executed with several transactions  - Offline traders can not trade  - Execution is managed manually  - The applicant can

QuantumPay - A Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine

Hello guys I'm back with another ico named QuantumPay So Let's get into topic without wasting more time. What Is QuantumPay? Quantum Pay is a Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine who serves as a financial services platform. As a facility successively on blockchain machinery, Quantum Pay uses digital currency as a little charge doorway to investment, lending, funding and banking, spreading the influence of monetary organizations beyond their existing outlet groundwork to the number of people who are unbanked in the world. QuantumPay is The First Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine which aims to deliver digital money transfers and other services and They use Secured and Protected connections, high coded encryption and 2-Factor Authentication to secure your experience. it can be accessed also offline by our SMS operator. This also delivers person-to-person wallet handovers, bill expenditures, portable topups, operational shopping, and transfer services. Its curren

Rateonium - Most Innovative Rating Platform

What is Rateonium? Rateonium offers its users a modern purchasing experience with applications supported by metadata - free from data manipulation and abuse. We support our Rateonium business clients by implementing modern customer relationship management and long-term quality processes on the platform. As we Know Nowdays we surf lots of things on internet but we trust only which has good review and here Rateonium provides services for that. The company review system is anonymously and blockchain-based that is operated through the Rateonium platform. Rateonium uses blockchain technology to create new horizons for customer-enterprise relationship management. This platform connects products and services purchased with the next customer review process. ROADMAP: Product and service customer reviews are responsible for the company's long-term success. New prospects depend on customer opinion, not on corporate communication. Too few customers write qualitative reviews, which means that t


Among huge population of the world some people introduced them differently. They have got something extra that's why we called them Extraordinary. They are natural talent. Talent can’t be bought by anyone. It is a matter of prove. The most important fact is that, how much respect talent is receiving properly. Then, there is no answer for this question. The most important answer should be, is there any option? Yes, DENCH MUSIC is here to show that option to make talent on the top sector of the music world. Dench Music is here to make the singing talents top in position. First ever music company which is trying to make a future of the singer about the decentralized music system that none thought ever. Let’s be introduced with the brand new company : INTRODUCTION TO DENCH MUSIC Dench Music is a blockchain based music industry that will help the singers spread in the world. From here to there, Dench music is trying to make their songs at top in position and the song writers, composers,